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Ep. 13 – Names, Definitions and Brendan Myers

Today we welcome Brendan Myers to the show – we talk about his books and his life as a Pagan writer, being a Pagan philosopher, and what the concept of Pagan virtue is all about. Amadore and I also have a little chat about names and definitions, and how we’re applying those to ourselves.

You can find Brendan at his at his website, on Facebook, on twitter as @Fellwater, or on his Amazon author’s page.

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What The Hell Is A… FlameKeeper?

Find out on this month’s episode! FlameKeeping is the creation of Genevieve Wood. She wrote the book Kindling Our Stars: Nurturing Bright and Dark Flames to help people explore the ethical and practical realities of day-to-day life as a modern Pagan. Genevieve joins us, along with fellow FlameKeeper April Mattison-Wolfe, to tell us more.

You can find out more about FlameKeeping at Genevieve’s website,, and at April’s blog,

Promo: Lamplighter Blues

News links:
Vivianne Crowley’s survey on Pagans and the 2011 Census in England and Wales
– See also

Enjoy the show – see you next month!

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Episode 11 – Divine Community Book Club

Divine Community Book Club

What happens when an atheist and two Pagans swap our favourite books? We get to read The Greatest Show on Earth by Richard Dawkins (in my case, despite a lot of resistance) and our friend Simon Clare gets to read Loneliness and Revelation by Brendan Myers. Come and share our reactions. (Sneak preview: we loved both books.) We also have an extended, in-depth edition of Religious News, where we talk about new legal judgements and employment guidance affecting Pagans in the UK, and what Fox News has been saying about Wiccans.

If you want to recommend a book for a future interfaith book club episode, you can e-mail us at or comment on the blog at or at our Facebook page.

You can find Simon on twitter @faithlesseye and his famous Alpha Course blog can be found at his website, .

News Links

New pope elected:

European court judgements about religion and public life in the UK, and guidance about time off for Druids and members of other religions:

UK atheist bus advertisement ban:

East London Mosque opens its doors to non-Muslims:

Fox News and Wiccans:

Violence towards Coptic Christians in Egypt:

Good Friday crucifixion re-enactment in the Philippines:

On this month’s episode, we talk to the fantastic Morag Spinner and Daniel Grey about the problems with labelling others in the Pagan community and not respecting their agency, especially when it comes to choices about what we call ourselves. We also have reports on the Pope and the census in Religious News. And we draw the winner for that copy of Cat Treadwell’s book.

The post that we discuss in this episode can be found at Morag Spinner (also known as Katje van Loon) can be found at and , and at @moragspinner on twitter. Daniel Grey can be found at, and at @sageling on twitter. They can both, of course, be found at the awesome blog Maenads of the (R)Evolution at

News links will follow tomorrow!

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Ep 9 – Religious News Special

It’s Episode 9, and have you heard the news?  Jesus may have had a wife (but probably didn’t), religion may be declining in America (but probably isn’t), the Church of England is confused, the Pagans aren’t religious enough, and the atheists are stealing Christmas (and preaching on the streets). And you thought religion was irrelevant to modern society. Enjoy our catch-up on the religious news from the last few months, and then go and have a very merry Yule or Other Religious or Secular Holiday Of Your Choice.

News Links:

Religious Decline in the USA?

The Druid Network and the national Interfaith Network

Atheist Street Preaching

First Hindu elected to US Congress

Blasphemy and Religious Censorship

Hajj Pilgrimage and Developments in Mecca and Medina

Rachel Held Evans and ‘Vaginagate’

The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife

Occupy and St Paul’s Cathedral

New Archbishop of Canterbury

Women Bishops (Or the Lack of Them)

Pagan Federation and Charitable Status

Germany and Circumcision

Research on Religion and Ageing

Baroness Warsi Says UK Muslims Should Celebrate Christmas

Pat Roberson: Atheists are Stealing Christmas

No More Nativity Scenes in Palisades Park

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Ep. 8: Living in the Gap

In which we discuss the gap between the ideal way we would like to practice our religion/spirituality and the way we actually do. Along the way we talk about: the balance of private and public in religious and spiritual paths, the effects of what sometimes gets called the ‘broom closet’, worries about not being taken seriously, and whether we’re making excuses for ourselves, along with a few other things. And we have the usual Religious News – and a contest!

To win a signed copy of Cat Treadwell’s brand new book A Druid’s Tale, leave us a comment here. What do you like about Divine Community? What would you like to see more of, and what don’t you like? (We can take criticism. Probably. *sniff*) Go on – tell us what you do and don’t like about us, and have a (fairly high) chance of winning Cat’s book!

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Ep. 7 news links

Here are the religious news links from episode 7. Enjoy!

Archbishop of Canterbury & The Cross Controversy

Paganism on the Cornish Curriculum?

The Glastonbury Thorn

Survey of Irish Catholics

Vatican vs The Nuns

News In Brief: Pagan library opens in Washington DC; intelligent design teaching in Tennessee; the Dalai Lama is coming to the UK; study suggests religious people likely to be left-wing; shooting at Jewish school in Toulouse

That’s all the news we covered this month. See you next month with more!

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Ep. 7 – Religion & Public Life

Episode 7!

Well, this week the atheists are invading. There’s been a lot of talk about religion’s role in the public sphere recently, but the views we hear on this topic are so often from Christian voices that I wanted to hear from some people with other perspectives. So I got together with two atheists and an eclectic spiritual type (this sounds like the beginning of a joke again), on both sides of the Atlantic, to hear what they think about religious rights, religion in politics, and even religion on the side of buses. Along the way we talked about secularism, same-sex marriage, minority religious traditions, the state’s role in private religion, and some of rights Pagans might have (or not) in the UK. Expect controversy and taking no prisoners from these fascinating guests – it was my privilege to interview them. Hope you enjoy!

You can find Lance Frizzell-Reynolds at @lancefr on twitter, or at his blog at Simon Clare is @faithlesseye on twitter, and his Alpha Course blog is at Ess Jay is @gavroche2000 on twitter. As always, I’m at @sophiacandle and Amadore is at @amadoreedana123.

If you have a view on the public role of religion in our societies, or you want to comment on the show, feel free to comment here on the blog, or better yet – leave us an iTunes review! A few of the news stories we’ve mentioned are linked below. I’ll post the religious news links in a separate blog post.

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Ep. 6 – ‘Discussing the Divine’: Insecurity and Insignificance

A bit of an impromptu ‘Discussing the Divine’ show on the topic of spirituality and insecurity. How far do we actually influence each other’s faith and practice? How do we negotiate the wide variation in belief in a spiritual/religious community, and how does that relate to the idea of finding your own path? Where do we look for validation, and what are some alternatives? We attempt to relate this to ourselves, the Pagan community, spirituality, ritual, magic, society and our place in the universe. (Wow, that makes it sound like a much bigger topic than it actually was.)

As you can tell from our pleas for interaction, we REALLY like feedback. This is because we are insecure. You can leave us a comment here, ‘like’ us on the new Facebook page (see the banner to the right of this post), or we’re on twitter as SophiaCandle and AmadoreEdana123. Go on! Say hi! Give us validation and then we will be happy because we will know we exist! Or something.

See you again next month for a couple of much more structured, less off-the-cuff podcasts. Really.

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Those news links!

A little late (apologies), but here are the news links that I’ve commented on in the latest episode of Divine Community. And we’ll be trying to post religious news links as they happen from now on, so watch this space!

UK: religion in public life

UK: ‘Healing on the streets’ movement asked not to make claims that can’t be substantiated

USA: Six bills being considered this year calling for the teaching of ‘intelligent design’

USA: New York Islamic centre firebombed on New Year’s Day

New study claims thinking about religion can help us gain self-control

Enjoy the news! See you soon with more headlines and new episodes.

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