Posted by: Sophia Catherine | March 6, 2013

Ep 10 – Agency and Identity in Paganism: Interview with the Maenads

On this month’s episode, we talk to the fantastic Morag Spinner and Daniel Grey about the problems with labelling others in the Pagan community and not respecting their agency, especially when it comes to choices about what we call ourselves. We also have reports on the Pope and the census in Religious News. And we draw the winner for that copy of Cat Treadwell’s book.

The post that we discuss in this episode can be found at Morag Spinner (also known as Katje van Loon) can be found at and , and at @moragspinner on twitter. Daniel Grey can be found at, and at @sageling on twitter. They can both, of course, be found at the awesome blog Maenads of the (R)Evolution at

News links will follow tomorrow!



  1. […] more about agency and identity, listen to this month’s Divine Community, which was just released yesterday. That’s right – I finally made a podcast episode. […]

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