Posted by: Sophia Catherine | March 27, 2012

Ep. 6 – ‘Discussing the Divine’: Insecurity and Insignificance

A bit of an impromptu ‘Discussing the Divine’ show on the topic of spirituality and insecurity. How far do we actually influence each other’s faith and practice? How do we negotiate the wide variation in belief in a spiritual/religious community, and how does that relate to the idea of finding your own path? Where do we look for validation, and what are some alternatives? We attempt to relate this to ourselves, the Pagan community, spirituality, ritual, magic, society and our place in the universe. (Wow, that makes it sound like a much bigger topic than it actually was.)

As you can tell from our pleas for interaction, we REALLY like feedback. This is because we are insecure. You can leave us a comment here, ‘like’ us on the new Facebook page (see the banner to the right of this post), or we’re on twitter as SophiaCandle and AmadoreEdana123. Go on! Say hi! Give us validation and then we will be happy because we will know we exist! Or something.

See you again next month for a couple of much more structured, less off-the-cuff podcasts. Really.


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