Posted by: Sophia Catherine | November 27, 2012

Ep 9 – Religious News Special

It’s Episode 9, and have you heard the news?  Jesus may have had a wife (but probably didn’t), religion may be declining in America (but probably isn’t), the Church of England is confused, the Pagans aren’t religious enough, and the atheists are stealing Christmas (and preaching on the streets). And you thought religion was irrelevant to modern society. Enjoy our catch-up on the religious news from the last few months, and then go and have a very merry Yule or Other Religious or Secular Holiday Of Your Choice.

News Links:

Religious Decline in the USA?

The Druid Network and the national Interfaith Network

Atheist Street Preaching

First Hindu elected to US Congress

Blasphemy and Religious Censorship

Hajj Pilgrimage and Developments in Mecca and Medina

Rachel Held Evans and ‘Vaginagate’

The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife

Occupy and St Paul’s Cathedral

New Archbishop of Canterbury

Women Bishops (Or the Lack of Them)

Pagan Federation and Charitable Status

Germany and Circumcision

Research on Religion and Ageing

Baroness Warsi Says UK Muslims Should Celebrate Christmas

Pat Roberson: Atheists are Stealing Christmas

No More Nativity Scenes in Palisades Park


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