Posted by: Sophia Catherine | May 20, 2013

What The Hell Is A… FlameKeeper?

Find out on this month’s episode! FlameKeeping is the creation of Genevieve Wood. She wrote the book Kindling Our Stars: Nurturing Bright and Dark Flames to help people explore the ethical and practical realities of day-to-day life as a modern Pagan. Genevieve joins us, along with fellow FlameKeeper April Mattison-Wolfe, to tell us more.

You can find out more about FlameKeeping at Genevieve’s website,, and at April’s blog,

Promo: Lamplighter Blues

News links:
Vivianne Crowley’s survey on Pagans and the 2011 Census in England and Wales
– See also

Enjoy the show – see you next month!



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