Posted by: Sophia Catherine | April 30, 2012

Ep. 7 – Religion & Public Life

Episode 7!

Well, this week the atheists are invading. There’s been a lot of talk about religion’s role in the public sphere recently, but the views we hear on this topic are so often from Christian voices that I wanted to hear from some people with other perspectives. So I got together with two atheists and an eclectic spiritual type (this sounds like the beginning of a joke again), on both sides of the Atlantic, to hear what they think about religious rights, religion in politics, and even religion on the side of buses. Along the way we talked about secularism, same-sex marriage, minority religious traditions, the state’s role in private religion, and some of rights Pagans might have (or not) in the UK. Expect controversy and taking no prisoners from these fascinating guests – it was my privilege to interview them. Hope you enjoy!

You can find Lance Frizzell-Reynolds at @lancefr on twitter, or at his blog at Simon Clare is @faithlesseye on twitter, and his Alpha Course blog is at Ess Jay is @gavroche2000 on twitter. As always, I’m at @sophiacandle and Amadore is at @amadoreedana123.

If you have a view on the public role of religion in our societies, or you want to comment on the show, feel free to comment here on the blog, or better yet – leave us an iTunes review! A few of the news stories we’ve mentioned are linked below. I’ll post the religious news links in a separate blog post.


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