Posted by: Sophia Catherine | February 22, 2012

Episode 5: What The Hell Is A… Druid?

We’re back! In this month’s episode, we have the first of our ‘What The Hell Is A…?’ interviews. We talk to Cat Treadwell, trustee of the Druid Network and full-time Druid priest. She talked to us about faith in society, living with awareness, and how her role is being defined by members of her community – among other topics related to Druidry. She’s living out a fascinating role in her community, so she has a unique perspective on the relationship between spirituality and society. This month we also have the usual fare of Religious News – in a month that’s seen big debates over the role of religion in UK public life – and How’s Your Spirituality.

We’d like to apologise that we seem to be having sound issues again this month. We’ll try and work them out before we release the next episode! We didn’t want to deprive you of the wonderful interview with Cat, so we hope you’ll understand.

You can find Cat on her blog The Catbox, on twitter as @druid_cat, and in the pages of her forthcoming book, ‘A Druid’s Tale’. We can be found at our new Facebook page (search for ‘Divine Community’) or at the blog, and you can still follow us on twitter, where we are @AmadoreEdana123 and @SophiaCandle.

(Religious news links to follow in the next post.)

Promos played this month were for Oh No, Ross and Carrie and Druidcast.

Enjoy! Give us feedback! Enjoy!



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