Posted by: Sophia Catherine | November 17, 2011

Religious News: October & November

Here are those religious news links I promised!

– Fourteen Peruvian shamans murdered:

– Attack on Coptic Christians in Egypt’s%20blogger%20detained%20for%20further%2015%20days

– Death of Japanese girl blamed on Buddhist sect ‘exorcism’

– Christian pastor facing execution in Iran for refusing to ‘repent’ of his faith

– Google puts five of the Dead Sea Scrolls online

– Vatican reacts after BBC suggests using terms ‘CE’ and ‘BCE’ when dating years

And some other news we didn’t have time for in the episode…

– The organisation Christian Research, which monitors attendance at churches, has concluded that church attendance in the UK has recently increased by a small percentage. This is interesting in the light of the research I mentioned last episode which showed a small decrease in attendance in the US. However, these appear to be very small percentage increases, and we can’t really draw any conclusions until we can see if a pattern of increase or decrease emerges over a few years. UK churches are celebrating these increases, but it remains to be seen whether they can reverse the massive decreases in attendance that have happened over the last few years.

– Three deaths after London church advises people to stop taking HIV medication:

– Occupy Wall Street and other cities in the international Occupy movement are seeing a strong presence from the interfaith movement and from people of faith in general, including Pagans. In the UK, the Occupy London movement is based at St Paul’s cathedral, which has caused disagreements in the Anglican church over what the reaction to this should be. Both the dean and canon chancellor of the cathedral have resigned. Occupy St Paul’s is still there, but facing legal action – they may be gone by the end of today.

– No churches now survive in Afghanistan:

– US Catholic bishop charged with failing to report child abuse:

– ‘Ministerial exception’ and disability employment: should churches and other religious institutions be exempt from the Americans with Disabilities Act when it comes to employing disabled workers?

– Is there an atheist-shaped hole in the inter-faith movement?


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