Posted by: Sophia Catherine | November 15, 2011

Episode 3: Religion vs Spirituality

Episode 3! Religion vs Spirituality.
In which Amadore and I decide that the definitions of each don’t really matter. And then I interview Fire Lyte, of Inciting a Riot, and we decide that the definitions are very important. And now I’m confused. But that’s nothing new.


Many thanks to Fire Lyte for coming on the show to debate the issue of religion and spirituality – he had some great insights on the subject.


Also, I must apologise for the length of time it’s taken to release this episode. We recorded the interview in early October, and then circumstances conspired. We also continue to be sorry about the sound problems! I’ve just bought a new mic, so we’ll see if that helps from next ep onwards.


Segments in this episode:

– How’s Your Spirituality
– Religious News
– Main Topic: Religion and Spirituality
– Debating the Divine:  Interview with Fire Lyte of Inciting a Riot about religion, spirituality, Paganism, and the definitions of all these things and more.

Promos played this episode:
The Infinite and the Beyond
New World Witchery

Other credits:
Opening and closing music – ‘The Scene’, Ann Lynn
Main topic theme – a selection of open source recordings of religious ceremonies/services

I’ll be back with a separate post soon, to give you the religious news links (because uploading this episode took forever and it is now bedtime). See you soon!



  1. I love your show! I just finished listening to the latest episode on my iPod while at work. Sophia, you said you felt you have been drawn to druidry.

    Are you drawn to any specific flavor of druidry? I’m of the Reformed Druids of North America, and I’m curious of all forms of druidry.

    Best wishes,
    John from Saint Paul, Minnesota

  2. Hi John! I like the ADF, from what I know about it, but it barely exists in the UK (just one group I think, and not based near me), so I couldn’t really follow up on my interest in it. I’m currently studying with OBOD and am also a member of the British Druid Order. And I’m reading everything I can get my hands on, too 🙂 I love how many different ‘flavours’ of druidry there are. Been reading Emma Ranstall Orr with her wild, animistic druidry, which I love, although I like the reconstructionist end of things, too, as I’m a polytheist (mainly Irish pantheon). The more new age-y druids do baffle me a bit, but to each her own 🙂 Thank you so much for commenting and for listening!

  3. Podcasts tend to provoke me to a rash of thoughts that I always think I really ought to put in a blog. Well, call yourself my muses and pop over and check out my new blog, whose very first post is inspired by this episode of your podcast. Cheers!

    • That’s a wonderful set of thoughts! Would you mind if I highlighted it in a blog post here?

      • Highlight it as you see fit. 🙂

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