Posted by: Sophia Catherine | September 28, 2011

New Episode: Little Boxes

We’re back! Already! A new, possibly-occasionally-recurring format for the main topic today: Discussing the Divine, in which I have, well, a discussion about religion and the Divine with someone. But with a bit of a theme to pull it together. Really. In today’s main topic, I discuss secular Judaism, as well as what makes religion and community, with the lovely-but-cranky Ess Jay. Who I hope will be back on other occasions for more Discussing the Divine (if you like her!) And as you’ll realise if you know the Jewish calendar, we recorded this about a week ago. So Ess Jay’s final challenge to listeners is a bit out of date! Sorry – but you can still make it relevant… 😀

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Intro: You’ve been downloading the show! Thank you so much!

Religious News: The controversial Islamic community centre in Lower Manhattan opens; the possibility of same-sex marriage in the UK; a retired Roman Catholic bishop calls for an end to celibacy for priests; does Estonia really show us a vision of a Neo-Pagan future for the religious world?

Discussing the Divine: An atheist Jew and an aspiring mystic with inconsistent beliefs walk into a bar… Topics we covered included secular Judaism; how society’s (i.e. our) expectations of a religion can vary wildly; how and why religious/spiritual people label ourselves; how far we ‘filter’ our beliefs; and how much effort we should put into exploring other religions. Then Ess Jay gives us all homework. Including me!

Some Promos And The Closing Bit: How you can subscribe to the show and how you can contact us.

Articles referred to in the Religious News section of the episode:

Ground Zero Mosque opened to public Wednesday

Make-Your-Own Religion? More and more Americans are doing it, according to new book ‘Futurecast’

Is Estonia really the least religious country in the world?

Bishop of Derry calls to end to celibacy in Catholic church

France’s burka ban: women are effectively under house arrest

Stories we didn’t get a chance to talk about in detail:

Four ways 9/11 changed America’s attitude toward religion

It’s time to scrap the law to provide daily worship in UK schools

When atheism turns ugly

How the fear of being criminalised has forced Muslims into silence

On another news story I didn’t get a chance to talk about, I also recommend this post on the Inciting a Riot blog  for discussion on the recent move to offer some convicted criminals a choice between prison and church. Controversial? Exclusive of those following religions other than Christianity, or of atheists? Or just people up in arms on behalf of local non-religious people/minority religions who haven’t complained themselves? Do comment, either on Fire Lyte’s blog or here!

Podcasts whose promos we played this episode:

The Wigglian Way

Borealis Meditation: Geology for Pagans

I’ll say a bit more about Estonia and religious trends/predictions in a later blog post. For now, I hope you enjoy the episode – and do continue to let us know what you think, either here or via twitter, where I can be found @SophiaCandle and Amadore can be found @AmadoreEdana123. You can subscribe to the show via iTunes, which is the easiest way to keep in touch with when there’s a new episode. We’ll be back within the next couple of weeks. Meanwhile, I’m off to get on with that homework that Ess Jay set…



  1. well gosh, i am just listening to your second podcast *wispers* while at work.. *grins* and am enjoying it hugely , also loving the wonderful British accent, its reminds me of when i visited England when i was very young. weirdly means i can interpret most of the different accents from the British isles, but i digress.

    what else to say.. i do like podcasts, where it feels like i am a part of a conversation, as opposed to just being talked at, and you have managed to hit that one on the nail quite nicely. *nods*

    thank you very much for taking the time to put this wonderful new podcast, and as juni from Standing Stone, would say full of wonderful smartypantspagans..

    *skips about*

    PS will send you an email when i get home to see if you would be interested in a Witch from New Zealand included on one of you episodes. i have a degree in Religious studies, that will help right? *ponders this*

    • Hi pombagiraspolly! Thanks for leaving a comment 🙂 It’s fantastic to hear that you feel like the show involves you in a conversation. That’s absolutely the tone we were going for. I’m also very impressed with any non-British person who can understand the UK regional accents. That’s quite a feat, even for British people from different regions! Looking forward to hearing from you more, and thank you for listening.

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