Posted by: Sophia Catherine | September 13, 2011

Pilot episode up NOW!

We can at last present to you… Divine Community: the pilot episode! (It might be a while before it’s approved on iTunes, but we’ll keep you posted on that.)

Feedback welcome, and we’d love to hear your thoughts generally. We know the sound wasn’t 100% – we’ve had microphone problems, but we’ll endeavour to make sure that we use better mics from here on!

Many, many thanks to the wonderful podkin who shared their thoughts, in e-mail or mp3 form. Your comments were thought-provoking and insightful. I just hope our conversation about the comments did them justice.


– Living Faith: our personal stories of faith and society.

– Religious News: faith communities’ responses to the recent UK riots.

– Main topic 1: Why Religion? Some wonderful podkin share their views on religion and society with us, and we discuss these.

– Main topic 2:  Why Society? I talk about why society matters in relation to religion.

How to contact us

You can comment here  on the blog, or tweet us at @sophiacandle or @amadoreedana123. More ways to contact us coming soon!

Resources and References

Bloggers who were kind enough to share comments:

Sparrow from The Wigglian Way

Cory from New World Witchery

Oraia from Media Astra Ac Terra

Kathleen from Borealis Meditation

Chris from The Infinite and the Beyond


We talked – very briefly! – about Neo-Paganism as an umbrella grouping of faith paths. Here are some more resources on that – in addition to the wonderful Pagan podcasts above!

The BBC Religions guide to Paganism

The Inciting a Riot blog and podcast

The UK Pagan Federation

Islam and Society:

The podcast I mentioned on this topic is Islam: Culture, Religion and Politics. It’s definitely worth a listen.

And that’s all for now, folks. Let us know what you thought. We look forward to hearing from you, and we hope to be back soon!



  1. Really love this show, definitely a great pilot. Two very intelligent souls, who know their areas well. You’ve brought up very interesting areas that aren’t always (healthily) debated in religion and I can’t wait to listen to more.
    Blessed be x

  2. General critique:
    I didn’t see this as a typical pilot, both of your voices came through nice and clear there didn’t seem to be any technical issues and so forth. The topics was well planned and thought out and segued well between topics. It was also interesting to hear the added thoughts of other podcasters on the related topics as well as giving them the respectful nod to their contributions to the podcasting community. Plus any podcast with Monty Python quotes is great in my book!

    Comments on topics and other ramblings:
    First I want to say, Sophia, if you ever get mail from someone telling you to bugger off for being a git and that they hate your podcast. Let me know, I’ll turn them into a dung beetle free of charge. Grrrr…. 😉 j/k Everyone is welcome to their own opinions. This is a really great show.
    The topic of neo-paganism as a blanket term is completely valid but it is odd how many people within the plethora of Paths under this category do not wish to be identified as such. Ask a heathen, ask a druid, and so forth if they are pagan and there is a 50/50 change you will get the GLARE OF DOOOOOM! I find it silly, can’t you be both? That’s like asking someone, “Are you Christian?” and that person responding, “No, I’m a Baptist.” If pagan-whatever-we-are could agree on at least a simple way for people of other faiths to identify us, it would breed more solidarity for the community as a whole. It’s ridiculous really and hair-splitting. On a similar thought, when I tell someone I am a witch the immediate reply is, “Oh! you mean you’re Wiccan.” Although I don’t necessarily agree with calling myself Wiccan most of the general populace coin the term of “Wiccan” as a more PC and less intimidating way of saying “Witch” although it isn’t one and the same.
    Pagan religions and spirituality do suffer because not only for the divided nature do to geography and lack of places to gather but also because more of the community is caught up in semantics which leads to squabbles and even more feelings of isolation. It is hard to fathom the other religious bodies taking pagans seriously when we can’t even agree to be a community. There is nothing wrong with having your own spiritual Path. I do.

    When I try to explain an aspect of my beliefs speaking with spirit animals or “pathing” I do get that look even from those within the community that I am crazy or a noob. I don’t know how it works outside of it aiding me in my connection with the beyond and the Divine. All I know is I have been on my Path for 15 years as a witch and it has never lead me astray. Sometimes you have to just go on faith and stop asking why something works.

    I do not appreciate when others judge or force upon me their own religious views. Not to single anyone out but one of the main culprits are Christians (please forgive me those that might take offense) who tell me I am going to hell to the point of it turning violent. How is it their concern if I am going to hell? In the bible it teaches that it’s followers should preach the good word to those who might listen and then move on. Standing there shouting at me will not help your cause. The persecution of others for sexual preference or religious reasons really do not seem to apply to those who do so “in the Name of God” it seems to be more in the name of ignorance and the desire to make someone else suffer. I would never do it to them under my code of ethics it just seems wrong. Believe in what you want to believe. You could believe in a two-headed purple rhinoceros named Snuffles that blows kisses and farts wishes for all I care just as long as it promotes peace between faiths and not war and doesn’t try to convert me to believing the same as they do. Just be content in your faith and make sure it is right for you. I think in this regard you both have it spot on by exploring other belief systems and never ceasing to question the “Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything” (the answer being 42 according to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy). Almost just as bad in my opinion are those who worship a certain set of beliefs just because everyone else they know does. If you ask someone, “Why do you believe in what you do?” The answer usually is because their parents,grandparents, great grandparents, friends or immediate community do. Could it be possible in this case that community is a hindrance to spiritual growth?

    Ok, now I know I am rambling. I think I stayed on topic more or less. I will stop for now but feel free to pick my brain if you desire. Blessings to both of you and good luck on future episodes!


  3. I just finished listening to the show and loved it. I enjoyed the section about asking other podcasters to comment on the topic followed by a short discussion on it. I actually wish you could have delved deeper or that you will revisit the comments in more depth. Anyway this was a great pilot and you both sounded wonderful.

    D.C. Ash

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